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Video is the fastest-growing media in marketing collateral today, proven to be the most likely medium to give you a positive ROI. It's versatile, accessible, easy to digest, and highly sharable across multiple platforms. Companies that use it find it the clearest way to explain their products and services and widen their audience reach.

At Swallow Marketing, we offer full video services for corporate and creative marketing projects. From pre-production, including initial planning, storyboarding, and scripting, through to direction, post-production and editing, your final video will be everything you wanted.

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Standing out from the crowd

Within our team, we hold the capability and expertise to produce a wide variety of video content to suit your needs. We've worked with clients to deliver everything from full promotional marketing videos and animated presentations to aerial drone footage and timelapse.

To make the most of your content, we will repurpose it in as many ways as possible for use across multiple platforms. We never skimp on footage during a shoot, so we can re-edit your video in several different ways. Your videos will provide you with plenty of fresh content, ready to be integrated on your website, utilised on social media, or distributed to your clients in any format you need.

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