The Brief

East Bergholt High School, Colchester, were one of several schools in East Anglia that required additional marketing materials during COVID-19. With school tours and open events unable to go ahead as they usually would, we filmed and produced a video to showcase the school to prospective parents and students to imitate the on-site experience as much as possible.

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The Project

EBH had three clear content avenues: facilities, staff, and student satisfaction. We proposed three separate videos to fully capture the important details of each and provide all the information the school would usually expect to share. This included a talking-head video from the Headteacher and two films from two different year groups that answered the question, 'what does EBH mean to you?'

With these videos, EBH now has a multi-purpose video brochure that can be used not only during national lockdowns but as another marketing strategy for school intake across their website and social media presence.

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