The Brief

UTCN approached us to pitch for the design and build of their new website. After introducing a new logo, UTCN wished to gradually bring their remaining marketing collateral in line with their updated identity.

Alongside the design update, UTCN were aware that the structure of their existing website had become confused. Navigation had become a problem as content was replicated across various areas of the website, making it difficult for staff to manage and impacting user experience.

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Our Solution

Applying our consultancy expertise to review and refine UTCN's website presence, we were able to develop an entirely refreshed brand identity. Utilising extensive strategic planning and research, we not only delivered them a well-designed, easy-to-navigate website but also incorporated lots of bespoke functionality to push the boundaries of typical education sector websites.

Since the launch of their new website, we have continued to work with UTCN, designing their Key Stage 4 and Sixth Form prospectuses, and producing a suite of videos that promote the school's many facilities and opportunities. Each project utilises the same key elements to help establish a unique brand positioning to progress the ongoing marketing strategy for UTCN.

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