The Brief

Swallow Marketing partnered with Ampla to produce a completely bespoke website that would help customers understand their product offering better. Our collaboration is not only focused on lead generation but also on creating a memorable visual brand that is unique and stands out. We can proudly say that we succeeded!

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The Website

The website that we created allows key information to be accessed quickly and easily. Our team of designers and developers created bespoke, flexible themes that allow either Ampla or Swallow Marketing to add new pages easily and more importantly, instantly. Careful consideration was given to regular call to actions, easy navigation and site speed and the results have meant both an increase in traffic and increased leads.

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Additional Marketing Support

In addition to the website, we have now taken the most important brand assets and transferred into some of their key documentation. Taking previously awkward and insecure word documents we have reimagined them into editable PDF’s that allow much more accurate data entry.

We are now in the process of designing and developing a custom directory to allow customers to easily find their Ampla partner. This will further increase leads and also allow Ampla to grow their partner programme.

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