The brief

The Little Car Company asked us to produce a suite of operations manuals for their scaled cars (like an old school Haynes manual!), to allow their customers to understand every feature of their new car and complete the luxury experience they offer.

This particular manual was created for the No Time To Die edition of their Aston Martin DB5 Junior. With a limited production of just 125 vehicles, this edition was launched in conjunction with the release of the latest Bond film. Naturally, it was one of our favourites to work on!

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The finished product

To create the manual, we enjoyed the challenge of presenting all of the necessary details in an informative yet visually appealing manner, whilst also adhering to the brand guidelines of both The Little Car Company and Aston Martin. The completed manual is 90 pages long, covering everything from the basics of the dashboard dials, to activating the car's special features, including its mini guns, ‘skid mode’, and hidden gadget panel.

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