The Project

GAH approached us to create a bespoke web-based interface that enables customers and GAH engineers to read and receive live data from refrigeration transport vehicles.

We developed completely bespoke software for GAH that uses BT to transmit live data from GAH vehicles on British roads to increase efficiency throughout the logistics line. These transmissions show not only where the vehicle is, but also align data from their internal systems, including error codes, so that technical issues can be dealt with swiftly.

It’s also great for GAH’s customer relationships as the precise data shows whether the fault is mechanical or driver error, allowing for even greater productivity and successful management on both ends.

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The Result

This is an ongoing software development project for Swallow Marketing and GAH, whereby we continue to refine and add functionality. We started by testing the application on ten vehicles, and now have up to 300 vehicles live on the system each day.

More recently, we have begun preparing to roll the system out to cover 1,000s of GAH vehicles.

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