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At Swallow Marketing, we breathe life into brands by creating marketing campaigns and resources that resonate and captivate.

Why us?

Our close-knit team houses a rich tapestry of expertise from design to web development across diverse industries, including automotive, education, hospitality, agriculture, property, and logistics, to name a few. Over the years, we’ve become the ideas people for our clients, aiming to forge meaningful connections with their audience.

Our vibrant and dynamic work environment ensures that every day is uniquely exciting and rewarding. In our narrative, you’re not merely a team member but a pivotal innovator, where your ideas are not just welcomed but celebrated and nurtured.

Step forward into a new career adventure by browsing through our open positions at Swallow Marketing below!

Lead Social & Digital Strategist

This role covers social media management, website support, content creation, email campaign planning, client interaction, and image/video editing. Additionally, it involves organizing content events, aiding design teams, and supporting analytics/SEO/PPC strategies. Proficiency in software like Adobe Suite, Mailchimp, WordPress, and social platforms is beneficial. Desired traits include strong communication, organization, adaptability, a learning mindset, attention to detail, multitasking, and flexibility in both team and independent work.

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