The brief

Following a change in ownership, The Dial House wanted to expand its social media reach through ongoing social media management, including social strategy and content creation. The tone and visual content of their inherited social media platforms needed to shift to accommodate the changes in the business, including the introduction of Maxi's and room renovations overseen by renowned interior designer, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen.

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The Strategy

With their lighter and brighter branding, we were able to bring The Dial House personality to their social media platforms. We wanted to use organic strategy wherever possible, though have used boosted ad campaigns for events and special offers.

As we manage every step of their social media strategy, from planning to content creation, including photography, videography and animation, we are able to be strategic, consistent and engaging both for existing followers and new.

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The Results

Since beginning to work on The Dial House social media's key platforms, our agency has seen significant month-on-month improvements which have increased visitors to The Dial House both as a restaurant, hotel, and bar. These include:

  • 59.2% increase in Instagram account reach
  • 189.8% increase in Facebook reach
  • 30% increase in visitors to their website via social media

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