The Brief

As a new business whose launch was somewhat halted by the pandemic, Curious Vitae are now going through a brand refresh and relaunch. For this part of our work with them, Curious Vitae have asked us to produce and manage their social media strategy, rolling out across all major platforms to generate leads, build their client base and engage with potential new tutors that will expand their course offerings.

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The Strategy

As a niche and very unique business, we approached their social media strategy with vigor. While much of today’s social media marketing relies on the visual platforms, Curious Vitae is leading with Twitter and LinkedIn. By creating an authentic and trustworthy brand, we are striking a careful balance between social media to drive sales with developing consistent content that emphasises their thought leadership through genuine, informative posts that encourage engagement. 

By working in tandem with our design team, the social media launch has been a refreshing and creative process that is showcasing the ingenuity of Curious Vitae.

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